Filter Refurbishment

Filtration Services Ltd have undertaken many filter refurbishment projects over recent years, breathing new life into old equipment.

The refurbishment can be conducted at the client’s premises of off-site depending upon requirements. Filtration Services Ltd maintain an extensive list of available filters – from both equipment dealers and customers’ redundant plant. This ensures that the process of sourcing suitable equipment runs as smoothly as possible when required. During filter refurbishment work, Filtration Services will replace worn or broken components. If replacement items are obsolete, Filtration Services will design and manufacture new components.

Filtration Services’ main area of expertise is the rotary drum vacuum filters (RDVFs), and have refurbished many types, sizes and makes including equipment from:

  • Stockdale
  • Paxman
  • Dorr-Oliver
  • Eimco
  • Alpha Laval
  • Lundin
  • and others

AKAS Installation For Precoat Filters

Filtration Services skilled engineers can retrofit the Filtration Services automatic knife advance system [AKAS] to any existing arrangement of precoat discharge. This unique development ensures precise control of the knife advance rate. It enables precise and automated ( manual if required) control of solids discharge using state of the art technology.

The Filtration Services AKAS system is simple in operation and if required can be modified to incorporate additional features such as alarms or failsafe mechanisms. This system can be retrofitted to suit any RDVF and is a highly sophisticated improvement on the more dated systems frequently encountered (and updated) in industry.